AI Marketing – Smarter Way To Get Traffic

AI Marketing

I will show you how AI Marketing can help boost your next marketing campaign. Without having to hire an army of freelancers.

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What is AI marketing?

AI marketing is a method in which you build market assets like logos or blog posts using Artificial intelligence in place of freelancers.

Example of AI marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Let me show you the difference between traditional and AI marketing by using an example.

Traditional Online Marketing

Let’s say you wanted to have a simple logo design for your marketing material because you’re creating a new startup.

Traditoinal Digital Marketing

The typical route you would take would be to hire A freelancer on Fiverr. Or another website. Then you would need to wait a few days for their submission. Send revision notes to revise their initial submission. Have them resend the revised logo. And then have after several iterations, you have your finished product. This could take several days, and it can cost quite a bit of money when all the revisions and customizations are added in.

AI marketing
With AI marketing, all you have to do to create a logo is use an AI. Logo creation tool. Enter the details that you’d like from color, subject. And style. Then click a button. And have a wide variety of choices to choose from. The AI will come up with a brand name as well as a color scheme and logo for you.

The benefits of AI Marketing

There are several benefits to AI marketing. One is that it is swift When compared to traditional marketing methods. Often times you can get almost instantaneous. Results. Having To wait. The quality can be. quite high when compared to cheap freelancers. Depending on the subject, AI marketing tends to be a lot cheaper when compared to hiring freelancers.

AI Youtube Course
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