What is hard disc drive (HDD) – How does it work – Best Guideline 2021


What is hard disc drive (hdd)

The computer is a great invention of modern technology. It is a machine that has the ability to keep a lot of data inside itself. It has many features; with the help of the user can easily find small and big problems through the computer. Memory is a special feature of the computer. Its special thing is that it stores a lot of data inside itself. Data stored in memory in the form of 0 and 1. It is also called an electric signal in the language of the computer.

Memory is also called a storage device. Nowadays there are two types of storage devices in computers and the name of the devices are HDD and SSD. Both HDD and SSD are storage devices that are installed on laptops or computers. Their work is similar but there is a big difference between the two due to which people get confused, which storage device is the best. 

hdd 2 What is hard disc drive (HDD) – How does it work - Best Guideline 2021

So that’s why in today’s article I’m going to give you the complete information about HDD and SSD. If you people do not have any idea about HDD and SSD then read this article completely.

Hard disc drive (HDD)

First of all, we will talk about what is HDD. The full name of the HDD is a hard disc drive. It is a non-volatile storage device in which data is stored for a long time. It is saved until you delete it yourself or else your hard disc may not get damaged. Hard disc’s job is to store the data permanently in the computer or retrieve only when needed. A hard disc is also called secondary storage device.

The hard disc drive (hdd) is of two types one is internal and the other is external. An internal hard disc is present inside the CPU that is connected to the motherboard with the help of a data cable. The external hard disc is the same as the internal hard disc but the only difference is that the external hard disc is plugged out through the USB in which we can store our personal data.

The first hard was made by an IBM company whose storage capacity was only 5MB and its weight was 250KG. Later many things were done in it, which has changed today is our modern hard disc drive. A hard disc is made of metal in which a very thin layer of magnetic material is mounted. It’s also called an electromagnetic storage device.  To store data, one or more than one rotating disc is attached to it i-e platter is attached. There are many tracks and sector is available in this platter and it spins like a spindle.

hdd 3 What is hard disc drive (HDD) – How does it work - Best Guideline 2021

It does the work of reading and writing the data by spin the disc on which digital data is stored. The spinning disc of HDD has an equator on the mechanical arm and that specializes in reading and writing the data. The faster a platter is rotated, the faster data is read and write. Its speed is measure in RPM. It means how many revolutions flatter has made in 1 minute. Often HDD is of 5400RPM to 7200RPM. The hard disc gets slow down as it gets older.

The reason for this is that whenever we store the data in the hard disc, it is stored in pieces, but sometimes those pieces go to different parts of the hard disc. When there is a lot of data on the hard disc, then our computer has to face some difficulty in finding the data because of it our computer becomes slow. If you have to keep your computer faster, then you have to keep your hard defragment after every moment. Due to defragment, the pieces of different files present in hard disc come in one place instead of being in different places and our computer has no problem to finding the files on the hard disc.

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