Learn 4 Digital Marketing Skills That Can Make Money


In this article I will show you 4 digital marketing skills that you can use right away to make money, without a website, without investing money and without any experience.

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1. Find a NicheThe first step is to find a niche. This can be done by thinking of an interest or hobby that you have, and then finding a way to monetize it. For example, if you like playing video games, you could start a YouTube channel where you review new games and give tips on how to improve your gameplay. Or if you are into health and fitness, you could start a blog about healthy living tips, or create a line of workout supplements. Once you have found your niche, the sky is the limit in terms of ways to make money.

2. Create ContentOnce you have found your niche, the next step is to start creating content. This can be done in many different ways, but some of the most popular include starting a blog, creating videos for YouTube, or posting on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Whatever method you choose, just make

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of any money to be made as most people are lazy and do nothing. There are only 4 ways that have been shown to make money using these quick and easy digital marketing skills.

Digital Marketing Skills 1: Generate an SEO Report

SEO reports are very important to see how your site is doing in the search engine’s eyes. This site Seo analyzer will give you a quick seo report for free that you can use on your own website to rank high on the search engines and get more organic traffic or you can alternatively sell these reports to your customers as a service or as a package deal.

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Digital Marketing Skills 2: Remove Background From an Image

Removing a background image is another popular digital marketing skill that you can use to generate additional income on the side. Many people need to modify their images by cropping out the background but are too busy or don’t know how to do this. If you use https://www.remove.bg/ all you have to do is upload the image and let the web-based software automatically trace and remove the background image for you.

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Digital Marketing Skills 3:Create a Word Cloud

Word clouds are another great way to generate digital images and you can easily create and sell these online. https://www.wordclouds.com/ will easily generate a word cloud for free. All you have to do is upload the word list and choose a color and you have a word cloud made for you.

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Digital Marketing Skills 4:Turn Gmail Into an autoresponder

The first way is to enable the vacation responder. The vacation responder will automatically send a response to anyone who emails you. To enable the vacation responder, click on the gear icon in Gmail, then select “Settings.” Under the “General” tab, scroll down to the “Vacation Responder” section and check the box next to “Enable Vacation Responder.”The second way to turn your Gmail account into a free autoresponder is to create a filter. Filters allow you to automatically forward or delete messages based on certain criteria. To create a filter, click on the gear icon in Gmail, then select “Settings.” Under the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab, click on “Create a new filter.” In the popup window, enter your desired criteria for filtering emails. For example, you could enter “@example.com” in the “From:” field to forward all email messages from that address to another email address.

The first way is to go into settings and then click on see all settings. Then go to vacation mode and turn it on and type the message that you want others to receive when they send an email to this address. The other method is to create a filter that filters out certain words such as ” prize”‘ or “free” and then have your email send a template message automatically to any email that has these words in the subject line.

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