What is Solid State Drive (SSD) – 6 Difference between SSD and HDD


The full name of SSD is Solid State Drive. It is a storage device that contains microchips to store data. SSD is the updated version of the hard disc which is made keeping in view the new technology. This is smaller in size and less in weight. HDD has a disc but solid state drive has a chip. Due to not having any physical revolving drive, its speed is much higher than HDD. Solid state drive is designed for faster input and output performance.

SSD is designed to make the computer faster and consume less power. This is its special thing that it is much faster than HDD. The difficulty in buying SSD is that it is very expensive due to its internal structure. Solid state drive is made of semiconductors just like RAM but this is a permanent storage device. The mechanical arm is not in the solid state drive, so that’s why the embedded processor is used to read and write data and that is also called a controller. Semiconductor chip performs better than magnetic material that’s why it is very fast.

ssd 2 What is Solid State Drive (SSD) – 6 Difference between SSD and HDD

The controller is used to find the speed of the Solid state drive.  Whatever decision it takes like store the data, retrieve the data, clear cache, and clean the data, all these things decide the drive for overall speed. SSD is enclosed inside a plastic or metal case that looks like a battery.

The special thing about solid state drive is that even if it gets a shock or falls down, nothing happens to it. It does not contain any moving part or any mechanical part that’s why it runs long-term. The miner of solid state drive is that it is very expensive. For as much price as 1Tb HDD is available, only 256GB SSD is available for the same price.

ssd 3 What is Solid State Drive (SSD) – 6 Difference between SSD and HDD

Uses of Solid State Drive SSD

This is a new technology so that’s why it is not available in high storage. SSD is used in many devices such as computer games, digital cameras, digital music players, laptops, tablets, smartphones, PCs.

Difference between SSD and HDD

•             The speed of SSD is much faster whereas HDD takes more time to store the data. In order to copy or right any file, the speed of HDD is 50 to 120MB/s while the speed of solid state drive is from 200 to 500MB/s. The speed of opening any file of solid state drive is very fast.

•             If we talk about the price of these two storage drives, here HDD takes the bet. HDD costs much less than SSD. Solid state drive provides less storage capacity for more money. HDD is used in low-cost laptops and computers which provide more storage capacity.

•             If you want a drive with more storage capacity, then the option of HDD will be better for you. The computer in which HDD is used also gets storage space of 1TB or more memory. Solid state drive is very expensive so it is available in laptops with less storage capacity. Most of the computers and laptops come with 128GB to 500GB SSD only.

•             SSD has no moving part which makes it more secure. There is a high risk of HDD damage due to the fall or pressure of the storage but the risk of data loss in solid state drive is very less.

•             HDD consumes more power than solid state drive that’s why it has been seen that the battery backup of laptops that have SSD is much better.

•             Whenever any data has to be read or write in HDD, the spinning flatter rotates in the HDD, the more spin the flatter, the louder it will be. There are no moving parts in solid state drive so no sound is produced due to it.

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