The Only 2 Ways to Get your Money Back from Aliexpress

Charge Back ASAP

You should contact your local credit card company and do a chargeback the moment your item doesn’t arrive and without any delay because there is a limited time to submit disputes to your credit card company. Many Aliexpress sellers know this and that is why they will use several tactics to delay you from doing a credit card chargeback.

Some of the common delay tactics that I have encounter from Aliexpress sellers first had are:

  • Ignore all of your messages and request for an update on not receiving your order
  • When they do finally contact you they make promise to resend the backage with extra goods
  • They promise that they will reship it and that it got stuck in customs
  • They will ask you to wait another 1 month for your order to come then they will promise to refund you your money back

Paypal Dispute

The other way to stand a chance to get your money back is to dispute it not through Aliexpress but through PayPal. Aliexpress is run and operated by the CCP government as such operates without any rules or worries about repercuassions. PayPal is operated in the USA and has consumer protections and channels to get your money back.

To learn more about the only 2 ways that I know how to actually get your money back from Aliexpress watch the video for more details.

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